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Tо  find  your only  love - it's not so easy,
It's not so easy in this strange and crazy world;
I call you, but they say your line is busy;
Drop everything and listen to my call.

I have never seen your face,
But I know it is nice,
I have never found your trace,
So now  I'm left to my  own device

To try and get you off my mind
And to put you in my heart,
And  to never let you  die
And make us never be apart.

I will find you in my dreams,
I will make you feel all right,
And  the girl  I've  never seen
Will make full my empty life.

I'll never let you fade,
I will keep you in my heart,
Cause my soul is your cradle,
And my body is your guard.




Who's that standing  beyond  my  door?     Who's there sitting on my chair,
I never saw this man before!                         There are a lot of free ones there
I won't have it anymore!                                   It is, after all unfair,
Please, stop knocking at my door!               To take my place everywhere.

Who's that flying above my way?                   Who is sailing across my sea?
I  know he has nothing to say!                        Who is climbing up my tree?
Who turns my blue sky into grey?                  Who has drunk my morning tea?
Please, stop flying in my way!                         To accept all that I don't agree!..

Who's there sleeping in my bed?                    Then I hit upon a plan
He's making me  feel so sad!                           How to catch the ugly man,
I am almost going mad                                      And I was amazed to see
Watching someone in my bed.                         This elusive man was …me!



It's been snowing and snowing,
It's been snowing  day after day,
Sometimes the wind is blowing
Sweeping my years away.

Sometimes the sun looks out
And I see a smile upon your face,
But there is really no doubt:
Our  life is a short and cruel race.

When I am looking at the falling snow,
Eventually I understand:
Life must go on, but it is not a show,
Once started it shall come nearer the end.

It keeps snowing and snowing,
And time is running away;
I know it, yes I know it,
And all the rest is by the way.

I see sorrow in your eyes
Framed by thousands of snowflakes;
Life is a wonderful device,
Life is…a terrible mistake!



Show me the way I have to go
With the list of stations to arrive,
Tell me all the things I need to know
Help me find the road of my life.

If you have the lips then you can kiss me,
If you have the wings then you can fly,
But if you fly away then I will miss you,
And I'll lose the road of my life.

The road of my life, sometimes it's  so hard,
Here it is winding, there straight and wide;
The road of my life, it leads me to your heart
With all my love as a wise and skillful guide.

I never start a fight if I am not sure
That you will come and help me to survive,
And we shall win and therefore secure
The long, but only road of my life.

The only time I'm feeling sad and sorry
Is when my close friends choose the way of  lies;
But at the moment there is no point to worry,
So follow me along the road of my life.



Everything is changing all the time,
Absolutely nothing, nothing's steady;
Any stop is equal to a crime…
What's going on? To answer I'm not ready

Making money  instead of making love,
Leaving our honesty behind,
We rush and fly, but not like the doves:
We are prisoners of our driving mind

Everybody is just hitting the pace,
All the rays of feelings are immediately dampened;
Everybody is hiding their face,
All the  smiles are turning into  cramps.

It's getting closer to the pictures of  DALI:
The devil's chaos is reigning the world.
It looks like after the shots of  Mr. LEE
You  remember this story , oh  LORD?!

Some day we'll find ourselves with the fear
Our precious time is coming  to an end,
You'll take my hand and say it so clear:
" Was it my life? I did not understand…"



This bird - it's gonna  fly away,
Now has come the day
When this bird gonna fly away,
Gonna fly away.

My love you gonna leave me now,
I'll be with you somehow;
But my love you gonna leave me now,
You gonna leave me now!

Oh, the bird of passage gonna fly away,
I'm sending you  a message with the words I long to say:
You shall keep me in your heart,
And we'll never be apart!

My way is not a long way round,
'Cause the best way I have found
Is my way, it's not a long way round,
Not a long way round!



Do you  remember that night?
Do you remember the rain?
It was love at first sight
Ever since it hasn't waned.

We were happy and naive,
We were young and in love,
It was like a wonderful play,
But life turned out so tough.

I want to see you again,
I want to be with you,
Like there in the rain,
Let me love you
Again… again…
Like there in the rain,
Let me love you again!

Nowadays  I'm alone,
I'm alone with my pain;
But if my life goes on
I want to see you again!



Everybody  wants  to  see her,
Everybody wants to meet  her,
Everybody wants to be her close friend.
You think that she belongs to you,
But really she is ruling you,
And you get some problems in the end.

She is Lady  Madcap, she is driving you mad,
Her life is almost empty, her soul is almost dead.

She is the Lady Madcap, she goes against the stream,
She is the Lady Madcap - the lady of your dreams.

She is absolutely sure
The world's created just for her,
She doesn't know what  it means to cry.
Even quite alone at home
She intrigues by telephone,
Only this makes her feel all right.



I am looking for you every day of my life,
I am thinking of you every night,
Many times in my dreams you are passing me by,
And I am sure to know you by sight;

Many times in my dreams I am talking to you
But the end is always the same:
I wake up, I'm alone, I am sad: nothing new,
And so far I don't know your name.

Why am I waiting for you so long?
Why am I thinking of you?
Cause my love is strong and I carry on,
For  I hope all my dreams will come true.

When I find you at last with the help of this song,
I'll see a smile on your precious face,
You will ask me, I know: " Why so long
Was I waiting for these wonderful days?"




Oh my friend, try to understand:
You must keep cool!
If you are not a fool, there is a rule:
Don't talk to your monkey on Sunday…-(6 times)

Six days a week, that's enough to speak,
Take my advice,  if you are wise,
It's a good device:
"Don't talk to your monkey on Sunday"

You ask me why  you have no reply,
But, as people say, there's no other way:
Wait another day,
But don't talk to your monkey on Sunday…



And when you take my love away,
I cannot feel, I cannot dream,
The only thing I have to say
Is: "Life is harder than it seems"

You break my heart, upset my mind,
I've seen too late that I was blind.
Who can show me the way
To find myself in your dreams?
Who can tell me the day
When you will shine me a beam?

And when this world is mean and cold
No one is going to  change it;
You know, this world is so old
 We  need  someone  to rearrange it!

I only want you  to keep in mind:
To loose  is easier than to find

And when you take my love away,
   I believe it  must be found;
I hope soon will come the day,
You will be back and heal my wound.
Nobody will deny
 Hope is the last to die…




Dreams and reality,
Two different melodies,
Two opposite words;

Dreams and reality,
I'm looking for fidelity
In each of these worlds.

Sleeping in reality,
Living in a dream,
I'm thinking of eternity,
My sight is growing dim.

Let me know who I am ,where I go?
Am I sad , am I mad, am I dead?
Let me know!

Dreams and reality,
Take me to your Galaxy,
I'm waiting for your call;

Dreams and  reality,
People want variety:
For them it is all




Give me just an answer
You know it well enough
Do I have a chance?
Can I reach your love?

It is getting better
When I see a smile upon your face
Nothing really matters but your grace

You do me wrong, my task is tough
I pray, I hope, I long to reach your love

The rain is falling down
Scaring the doves
Love that we have found
Is coming from above

It suddenly appears
And suddenly may die
I hope all these fears pass me by




So welcome to this world the world of malls and dolls
Where everything is put up for sale
We always have to run in order to survive
And troubles dash at the tail

We have the rain we don't have sun
It's full of pain it lacks in fun


Living in this world we're getting mean and cold -it's a crime
Living in this world we're trading love for gold - it's a crime
Living in this world we're not the ones to claim-life's a crime

And every single day we have to fight and fight
Searching for a happy place
And only in a dream we hope for better life
And there's no way to give up the race

An empty mask makes up a smile
We have to put to face this trial



Sudden  love
Came like a thunder
Before the driving rain,
It changed my life
And made me wonder
At the days I spent in vain;

I've found the dream I was looking for
And so forgotten all   I did before!

The only thing I remember -
This is really  true -
A candle is burning just for me and you:
I've lit the candle just for me and you.

I never know
If  it's my  last song,
The years are going by.
I feel my love
Is getting stronger,
And it will never die.

Now I can tell you I fell in love,
As if a lightning hit me from above!



If   you  call me I'll sing you a magic love song,
And listening to it you will really see,
I've loved you so long,
My  love is so strong,
This is the song for you and me.

If  you ask me I'll sing you  the Magic Love Song,
This sort of song you've  never heard,
And while my life goes on,
I'll never end  the song,
It is  the best  one in the world.

From time to time - and it is not a crime -
Some important things could go wrong,
To  make them go right,
Just call me that night,
And I'll sing you the Magic Love Song!

If you leave me I'll sing you the Magic Love Song,
You  will be back and make me feel all right,
So with my magic song
I'll never be alone
And even  darkness will grow bright!



At the light speed of  sound
I am flying home to you,
I hear  voices around
None of them are really true.
Here's the final  turn,
And I return,
I return to the ground
With the songs I've learned.

I am back to melody,
I am back to you,
It's the old reality,
But we are new!
The life is not a rhapsody,
It's long and hard,
But I am back to melody,
I am back into your heart.

All the voices around
I am keeping in my mind,
From these different sounds
I will make the song of mine.
New life begins,
If they let us in,
We shall heal our wounds,
And in the end we'll win!